Choosing Love

For those who might not know me, I am Heather, a mother who is blessed to be raising two sons alongside my husband Kevin. Noah is three years old and River has just turned 8 weeks old.


I have a deep yearning to continue to weave together the path of parenting and the path of spirituality to what I call the path of awakening. I am continuing to choose to become a vessel for love to pour through me in all that I am, in all of my being.

With our new child arriving into our hearts and our home, there also arrives another embodiment of possibility; another opportunity to dive deeper and to recognise the transformative potential of parenting.

“They may be little but they are real people and they are complete with heart, mind, vulnerabilities and strengths.” Miriam Mason Martineau

I allow myself to be touched by my increasing awareness of the duality that we as parents face, the true paradox between the daunting sense of responsibility of raising another being (and the self-surrender this often requires) versus the opportunity to be cracked open to unconditional love, to become truly alive and nurture our children to feel the same.

This week I asked Noah, “when do you feel most loved?” He paused and put in deep consideration before responding, “When you are playing with me Mummy!” See our children are thirsty for our connection, for our presence, for unconditional love. When I am able to meet people in this place – with presence and through love – I am able to taste the fullness of life. I am committed to continue to experience this magic.

This is my fourth year committing to parenting as a spiritual practice. I am committed to the journey, to the dance, to the opportunity to dive even deeper into this work in order to gather my pearls; to grow up and show up for my children and to raise children with more consciousness, more love, and to breathe new magic into our daily life as I learn about life with two children.

As parents we have to place ourselves at our own growing edges and recognise that the work is never done but that it is worth the effort, that parenting in this way creates an abundance of grace and gratitude, of moments of everyday magic that will feed our soul, our connection, our sense of belonging.

Parenting in this way creates a love so strong it has no box, no cage, no ceilings; parenting as a spiritual practice is a gracious gift.

This is a journey of ongoing growth to discover who we are, who our children are and to awaken to the deeper nature in all beings; to become accepting, compassionate and empowered by our shadows and to becoming increasingly available as we deepen our connection through enabling other human beings to be who they truly are.

My husband Kevin is joining me in this exploration for the first time and this feels particularly exciting for our family. The foundations we are creating through our practice of parenting, allow us to grow up and show up for ourselves as well as our children and therefore within every relationship in our life.

I want to bring more togetherness in my parenting with Kevin; in particular, so that we can understand more about boundaries, healthy discipline and sourcing from a place of love when we are feeling particularly stretched by behaviours. What I know is that more is possible…

Through this practice, we face into who we really are with radical honesty, we rediscover our own true nature as we become curious to meet our children in theirs. In parenting in this way, we get to experience the true joy of raising children, even within those moments of feeling stretched, exhausted, pulled; we become more accepting of the ebb and flow.

I want to support my children to taste this fullness of life, for them to live a life of heartfelt joy, for them to be able to know who they are and feel completely loved, nurtured and accepted in their whole being and becoming.

My intention for this fourth year of parenting as a spiritual practice is to choose love, over and over again; to continue to discover how parenting creates the opportunity for me to embody qualities that allow my children to have “a full heart to share, a thoughtful mind to engage and resourceful hands to touch the world with.”

In parenting as a spiritual practice, I choose to bring this awakening into my daily life. It is not only a mindful approach to parenting and to living but a heartful approach; full of empathy, kindness and compassion.

I yearn for authentic connection, presence and unconditional love, as my children do. But I need to walk the talk, to experience and embody these things for my children in order for them experience and embody these things for themselves.

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