Emerging Poet

‘Tartle’ is a small collection of poetry that is currently looking for a publisher to take them to print.

Author’s Note

In 2020, my homeland called me to pilgrimage. For 8 days I wandered over moor and mountain, carrying my kit and travelling shorelines. With each step, nature reflected my true essence back to me. It was an initiation, I returned weathered by the wild. I swallowed the landscape and listened to the stories buried beneath my land, which is alive, breathing, pulsing and shapeshifting in and through me. The poems and myths are living entities; the journey goes on and on.

About the Author

Heather Mackay Young lives and writes on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland, known in Gaelic as ‘Eilean Fraoch’ which translates as ‘The Heather Isle’. She is an apprentice to her homeland, a waymaker and pathfinder in a Celtic lineage of nature-based people who drew upon the wisdom of water, rock, plants and stories, to find meaning, beauty and wonder in the everyday.