Are you willing to risk everything and take a leap of faith – a deep dive – into the depth of the wild-unknown, sharing sacred soul encounters and being open to allowing everyday magic to find you? Are you ready to be accompanied across threshold-after-threshold of Birth and Death? Will you allow yourself to be lost and found? Are you ready to discover that inner compass to guide you home?

After such beauty emerged from my previous course 21 Days of Being, I am called to offer a new course called Thirteen, where for thirteen moon cycles you will be offered time and space to participate as a pathfinder, to be in rhythm with nature and be spellbound by ways of being, becoming and belonging with each step, each breath, each cycle.

If you are ready to traverse the habitual boundaries of reality and stop living a second-hand experience of Life, if you are ready to become the waymaker, birthing the dreams alive within you, then join me in the new course Thirteen.

A journey into the wilderness to become consumed by the magic and mystery betwixt and between the dark matter and cosmic beginnings: the polarities of the sacred and ordinary, light and dark, ending and beginning, inner and outer, masculine and feminine, divine and human, time and eternity, soul and sense, spoken word and silence, and dance in the thresholds where each of these meet.

Our time together will be filled with mark-making, beauty-bringing, quests and questions, poetic pauses, pockets of pleasure, guided meditations, conversations, reciprocity, nourishing relationships and an increasing capacity to be and become more of who we already are.

This will be a slow journey where we can take time to pause and like the river, delight in our own unfolding; we will swim in pools of wisdom with the salmon, meander with metaphor and discover an inner compass to guide us home.

Together we will kindle the courage to be a waymaker in the world. Are you ready to gather the gems, the whispers in the darkness, the dreams dreaming you? Take that first step as a pilgrim on the path, enter the labyrinth with your own questions, seek your own story and discover your own wild flow of energy from the living well within.

You will have the opportunity to gather together online (via Zoom), you will receive ongoing support and one-to-one healing. You will be invited to co-design the experience within each cycle as we discover a new way of being in circle, including nourishing ways to connect on an online platform, to share our soul encounters and celebrate our unique soul prints.

Amongst many gifts, in this course you will receive:

  • Soul space
  • Sacred love letters
  • New guided meditations
  • Soul encounters
  • Guests and guides
  • Prompts for self-discovery
  • Wisdom from dreams
  • Soul friends
  • Healing with Heather
  • Intuitive guidance
  • Community to connect
  • Magic and mystery
  • Reciprocity
  • A potential retreat

The invitation will be sent on Samhain (31st of October) – the Celtic New Year and the Full Moon – and for those who hear the call, we will first connect around the fire on Friday 13th November 2020 and continue to dance with Grandmother Moon for 13 lived-in cycles.

You can now join until December 13th 2020.

Small Circle
The course will only be available to a small circle so that I can be fully present with the energy during this time and so that the living content can be responsive to the group. Early booking is recommended to guarantee your place. Minimum numbers (8) are required for this course to run.

As a self-employed person I have experience of making conscious choices around how and where to use my resources therefore the course will be run on a sliding scale to accommodate the various financial situations at this time. I simply ask that you are honest and respect the offering.

Sliding Scale: £1300 | £975 | £650

Please reach out for scholarship opportunities. If you can pay a higher rate than suggested, your contribution will support the flow of reciprocity to enable those in need who wish to participate.

Payment Plan
I am able to offer a payment plan in which you make payments at intervals that work for you to cover the full cost of this offering. Payment plans are available to anyone, regardless of circumstances, because I understand what it means to live within a budget. For example you may need a 13-cycle payment plan: £1300 (£100×13) | £975 (£75×13) |£650 (£50×13) or something else entirely. Let’s dream it up together.