Behind Their Eyes

  Parenting as a spiritual practice invites us to grow up and wake up ourselves in order for us to invite and help our children to do the same. In order for us to discover, know and honour who our children really are, we need to first understand that our children don’t arrive as blank … More Behind Their Eyes

Sunshine, Raindrops and Bare Feet in the Grass: Part 1

As humans, we yearn to be seen, to be heard, to be loved, to be connected with. This too, is true for our children. Our relationship with our children provides them with their life womb. We need to nurture this space to ensure that the conditions are conducive for our children to grow and to … More Sunshine, Raindrops and Bare Feet in the Grass: Part 1

Walking the Talk

  I want my children to experience this adventure of life as a first-hand, awakened adventure rather than a habitual, hand-me-down version. Therefore, I am becoming increasingly aware of my own imprints and generational shadows. Diving back to the past has helped me to grow on and up and untie me from unhealthy patterns and … More Walking the Talk

Choosing Love

For those who might not know me, I am Heather, a mother who is blessed to be raising two sons alongside my husband Kevin. Noah is three years old and River has just turned 8 weeks old. I have a deep yearning to continue to weave together the path of parenting and the path of … More Choosing Love