Part 1: Carly and Tony’s Experience of The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme

Carly and Tony have been expecting the arrival of their second baby and invested in my private classes of The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme to support them on their journey.

“It’s worth the investment! It’s time for truly bonding with the little life we are about to meet. It’s time out for mum and partner from life as we know it, stepping out of the daily buzz and into the hands of The Wise Hippo is a gift you and your baby deserve.” Carly



In our first class of The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme I ask my couples to write down 5 words describing birth, then once we have completed the course, I ask them to do this same exercise again and we compare their original words to highlight their transformation.

Before doing the course, Carly described birth as ‘hellish, torturous, long, elating and mind-blowing’ and Tony described it as ‘unpredictable, time consuming, joyous and tiring’. However, by the end of the course, Carly describes birth using the words ‘serenity, miracle, team effort, exciting and beautiful’ and Tony describes birth as ‘serene, tranquil, poised, time consuming and emotional’.

“The word comparison from session 1 to 4 says it all really – the fact that I truly believe our birth will be a beautiful experience. Before the course, serenity is not a word I would have chosen to describe labour and birth but I now believe my birth will be beautiful, like the Sea of Serenity.” Carly


By the second class, Carly said, ‘I’m actually starting to feel like this could be really different. It will be.’ She also said that ‘it was nice to be doing The Wise Hippo class with someone who understands that I would love a different experience from my first birth’ and reflected on how she has ‘learned that it is possible to fill my mind with positive birth stories’.

Tony has noticed Carly ‘is more relaxed and ready to give birth’ and said ‘she was getting anxious after a traumatic previous birth but she is now in a much better place and prepared’. As a helicopter paramedic, Tony said, ‘I now understand that pregnancy and birth doesn’t have to be all screaming and shouting and I will try to take that forward.’ He recommends people ‘stop listening to horror birth stories and learn how it can be done.’

“It’s my responsibility to maintain this positive and happy attitude towards birth. The course has helped me filter out the unhelpful and even harmful words and see only supportive friends with whom I chose to share my experience.” Carly

Carly and Tony came away from the fourth class feeling ready for the birth of their baby. This couple had done ‘hypnobirthing’ in their first pregnancy but found The Wise Hippo is more supportive and suited to them and particularly enjoyed doing this course as private classes. Carly said ‘the individual sessions really worked for us’ and she felt she was able to relax deeper during the scripts. Tony said ‘The Wise Hippo seems a more realistic approach’ as it focuses on the right birth on the day.


During The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme, I teach you how to become an expert in relaxation. I provide you with the tools and techniques to ensure that you feel calm and relaxed during your pregnancy and labour. I am there to support you and answer any questions you have, however, it is down to the couple themselves to put in the practice.

“I enjoy the scripts as it allows practice of all the techniques but I also do the 5,4,3,2,1, breath and the Waves of Relaxation throughout the day at different times – in the morning, on the toilet, at school, driving, when I’m putting my Cloak on.” Carly

Carly and Tony fully embraced all they learned and enjoyed becoming experts in relaxation. Setting time aside for the daily practice created intimate opportunities of bonding with mother and baby and as a family. Every time a script was playing and Carly was becoming more calm and relaxed, the baby would be soaking up the beautiful love hormones being released into both their bodies. Every time Carly and Tony would laugh together during their practice, the baby was delighting in the endorphins being released, therefore associating these positive emotions with the voice of Daddy and the relationship between Carly and Tony – what a blessing!

Carly found that listening to the scripts helped her ‘to relax and sleep easy’ and also said that ‘I feel that I sleep so well after our sessions’. Tony found the relaxation techniques the most useful aspect of the course in order ‘to chill Carly out during birth’.

“For the first time I could visualise how to relax the body through a surge. The fist and clasped hands demonstration in the first class allowed this – it was a great example for the kinesthetic learner.”


Overall, Carly said the course had ‘fabulous content, perfect ambience, great structure, perfect pace and a wonderful supportive Wise Hippo mentor’. She would have liked to learn the Soothing Strokes earlier because she loved this technique and Tony also loved that Carly had to demonstrate this on him first! The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme aims to provide birth partners with more purpose and ensures they feel resourceful and prepared too.

“It was amazing to feel as the sessions progressed, and particularly now that we are expecting baba any day, that Tony is there to remind me about techniques such as 5,4,3,2,1 or being ‘so calm and relaxed’. It makes me feel more supported. I feel we are more connected with this part of our journey, thanks to Heather and The Wise Hippo.” Carly

It has been such a privilege watching this beautiful couple come even closer together and see their positive transformation. Carly is feeling ‘calm and relaxed’ about the birth of their baby and Tony is feeling ‘ready, equipped and happy.’ Carly said she is ‘really excited to meet my baby and look forward to the birth and whatever path it takes.’ Tony said, ‘if Carly has a happy experience then this would be worth double the cash!’ and also said Carly is ready and relaxed, therefore we are ready and relaxed.  What a team spirit!


Look out for Part 2 of Carly and Tony’s journey to hear about the birth of their Wise Hippo baby!

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